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You know how it is when you are at game jam or fan convention and you are trying to sleep, but you just can't? When people in sleep room can't behave themselves? Well, it's not like they are eating crisps on purpose to annoy you and keep you awake, they just don't know. So you volunteered to be the one who politlety asks them to not make noise.

How to play:
-move with WSAD
-sprint with left shift
-when you hear a phone of sleeping person rining, go near it to silence it/reject the call
-remember that your footsteps also make noise
-you loose when there are more people than sleeping spots in sleep room

Have fun!
Outfrost & GreeboCherry

Things we didn't make in time(thou you can imagine we did):
-animations of laying down and sleeping
-models of ppl and sleeping bags, those-huge-pillows-we-don't-know-their-name
-variety of noise sources


SleepRoomGuardian64.zip 140 MB
SleepRoomGuardian32.zip 119 MB

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