A downloadable game for Windows

Multiplayer turn-based game where quick wits and perception are what counts the most. Trust nobody, not even yourself. No, seriously, you won’t know who are you controlling in this game. You need to figure it out, before someone else does.

Game supports 4 players multiplayer, Xbox 360 Gamepads are recommended.

There are some (up to 4) players and some NPCs on level.
Last Player standing wins.
Players take their turns simultaneously, by default they have 2 seconds to make their mind.
Each turn players can move(left stick) or shoot(right stick). Moves comes before shots - you will die if you move into someone line of fire but you can also jump out of it.
If two pawns tries to move onto the same tile, they both doesn't move.
Shots have range of 10 tiles.


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